My first post

Hey everyone,

I thought it was about time that I started a blog site.

I want to be as raw as I can with all of you so I know at times it won’t be easy for me to share certain aspects of my life but I know that it will help a lot of you in your journey’s. I also know that A LOT of you can relate to what I have gone through and still go through on a daily basis. This is why I decided to pour it all out even though it might hurt but this is also a healing process for me.

I have lost a total of 170 pounds thus far and still going! Even though physically I feel great, mentally I am still broken. It will take to heal and I know that sharing my story with all of you is what will help slowly get there.

Not only will I be posting my personal stories but you will also find health tips, recipes etc.

I appreciate all your love and support and we are all in the same boat. Hang in there and give it all you got.

I love you

Inner fat chick 4ever