Measuring vs Weighing

Hey guys,

So I always say not to pay too much attention to the number on the scale as at times it can get discouraging. Sometimes the scale won’t reflect you’re putting and there can be different reasons for that.  Our bodies are one special, complex piece of machinery! Here are some reasons why the scale might drive you insane!

Water can be the biggest culprit, so water retention can cause the scale to vary from one day to another. I’ve had 2 to 4 pounds difference in a 24 hours spam, now does that I mean I gained that overnight ? Of course not.

Another reason can be that your body is building muscles, and muscles weigh more than fat.

For women, the time of the month can also change that number on the scale.

So try this: Weigh yourself in the morning, naked, yes naked! Limit your weigh ins at once every two weeks. I know, I know you must be thinking, Gaby are you crazy??? I could never go two weeks without weighing myself but of course you can. Take it from me I used to weigh myself everyday sometimes twice a day, yep that is how addicting I got to the scale, and when I did not see a loss, I used to be very down and not happy with myself. After doing much research I realize that the scale is not important!

What is important is how you feel! What is important is the fact that you feel physically and mentally stronger. Try to focus on that. Try to focus on the fact that you’re clothes might be getting looser, focus on things that you could not do in the past but now can!

Instead of the scale, measure yourself once a month, you will notice a difference!

You will hit plateaus, that is completely normal. I hit many and some lasted over 5 weeks long but I kept at it and then the weighed picked back up. My weight has been fairly stable for the past couple of months so not much weight loss but I am working on gaining muscles mass so I know the number will be going up so I try to stay away from that scale as much as I can.

Moral of the story here is don;t get discouraged! If you’re putting in the work then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Toss that scale out the window and concentrate on how you feel!

Have a great week guys ❤

Talk soon ❤